Wrinkle Power Filling

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Thanks to its miracle formula, your wrinkles will disappear in just 90 seconds! 

Clinical studies show that in just two weeks of use, your wrinkles will be reduced in depth!


This serum is composed of 17 amino acids, 8 peptides and plant extracts known to support skin hydration in addition to improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, texture and skin tone.

Main components :

- Biotide

The biotide stimulates collagen production in fibroblasts and optimizes their mass.

Patented in 7 countries: South Korea, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, France, Japan and the United States.

- Amino acids

Amino acids such as Serine, Glycine and Arginine have the effect of increasing collagen synthesis.

- Plant extracts

Aloe vera and purslane extracts are renowned for their anti-aging and moisturizing properties.

Wrinkle Power filling has been tested in special lab facilities. No irritation or allergies were noted.

Clinical studies were carried out on 24 people during 4 weeks to check the effectiveness of "Wrinkle Power Filling". As you can see below, the results are quite impressive.

- Instant effects

After application of the product, eye bags show a reduction of up to - 81.40%.

Wrinkles on the crow's feet have faded to -28.75%.

- Long-term effects

Test participants also noticed that their eye contour wrinkles decreased in volume by up to 65.32% after 4 weeks of use. Also, worth mentioning is the attenuation of up to 25.31% of crow's feet wrinkles.


Be sure to use Wrinkle Power filling properly to ensure optimal effectiveness.

You will find below the steps to follow:

  • Clean the face properly and rinse it
  • Dry your face with a clean, dry towel.
  • Once the skin is dry, apply a tiny drop of Wrinkle Power filling on the wrinkles (the equivalent of a grain of rice, No More)
  • It should be spread on the skin by following the direction of the wrinkle. Then tap lightly with your fingertips until the product is completely absorbed.
  • For best results, it is strongly advised not to talk, laugh or frown for 5 to 10 minutes. To facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients, do not hesitate to fan your face for a faster drying.

Once absorption and drying are complete, you can apply your skincare cream and make-up very gently by tapping with gentle gestures.

The feeling of tension in your skin will disappear within 5 minutes.

The tingling sensation on the skin is quite normal. It’s a sign of product effectiveness.

Be careful! An oil-based cream, or foundation can reduce the effectiveness of Wrinkle Power filling, so we advise you to use a mainly water-based cream or foundation.

- Application tips

Make sure you do not apply too much product

Wrinkle Power filling is the result of several years of scientific research and testing in Korea before landing in Morocco.

Several authorizations and certificates have been requested in order to guarantee you zero risk:

  • The ISO 9001 certificate in South Korea
  • The ISO 22716 certificate in South Korea
  • The Free Sales Certificate by the Korean Food and Drugs Administration (KFDA)
  • TThe A.R. of the Poison Control and Pharmacovigilance Center in Morocco
  • The A.R. of the DMP (Directorate of Medicine and Pharmacy) and the Ministry of Health

In order to obtain all these certificates, clinical tests on Wrinkle Power filling have been carried out to evaluate its safety for human health and the results are as follows:

Wrinkle Power filling does not cause any:

- irritation or allergy

Wrinkle Power filling does not contain:

- No harmful ingredients

- No germ

- No chemical preservatives

• Does this product even match sensitive skin?
This product is suitable for all skin types and does not contain any harmful substance.

• Does it leave white spots on the skin?
If you have white spots after application, it means that because you have put too much. You really have to put a small amount, the equivalent of a grain of rice only for better efficiency.

• It's tingly, is it normal?
The tingling sensation is quite normal, it is the spicules that penetrate the skin. This sensation proves that the product is active and acts in depth.

• Can I put a cream on top of Wrinkle Power Filling?
You can apply water-based creams, oil-based creams reduce the effectiveness of Wrinkle Power.
It is advisable to put a Tonic a few minutes after Wrinkle Power dries on your skin.
However, if you want to put a moisturizer or makeup after applying Wrinkle Power, it is advisable to apply it very gently by tapping.
You can put a rice-sized drop on your wrinkles after applying your make-up.

• Is it possible to smile or frown after application?
You must wait for the product to dry perfectly on your skin.
It is advisable to avoid any face movement for 5 to 10 minutes for better effectiveness.
You can also put it on in the evening before going to bed.

• Is the result the same regardless of the depth of the wrinkle?
Clinical studies have proved that shallow wrinkles react quickly to wrinkle Power feeling.
Deeper wrinkles that have been deepening the skin for several years require more than a month of daily use, require more than one month of daily use to achieve the desired results.
The product works in depth, we recommend applying it morning and evening for a quick result.

• How many times a day can we apply Wrinkle Power filling?
It all depends on the individual and the result on the wrinkle.
If the wrinkle is marked or deep it is best to use it daily morning and evening.
If the wrinkle is light and the skin is young, one application per day is sufficient  

• Is Wrinkle Power filling 9 tails only to be used for a short time?
The skin is designed to age and wrinkle. Like any moisturizing or anti-wrinkle cream, it is best to adopt it in your daily routine to fight against wrinkles or prevent their appearance.