About us

9tails or Kumiho is the story of a fantastic beast in Korean folklore.

It is a nine-tailed fox that has lived for 1000 years. The spirits of this fox hold the secret of a great longevity and an accumulation of wonderful energies.

9tails/Kumiho has the power to turn himself into a being of bewitching beauty and charm

The brand identity is inspired by this tale in addition to offer you a miracle product. A single drop of this product is enough to transform you, whoever you are, into a young Woman or a Man with smoothed and plumped features.

Wrinkle Power Filling is a 9tails brand product. It’s a Korean anti-aging serum that reduces wrinkles in just 90 seconds and acts simultaneously from the inside for a long-lasting effect.

South Korea is actually at the top in skin treatment in terms of tone

Wrinkle Power Filling is a new anti-aging product offered by a Korean company certifiedISO 9001 and ISO 22716.

It is the result of several years of research. 150 formulas were tested before leading to Wrinkle Power filling.

This innovative Korean formula contains spicules. It has been patented in many countries including Morocco. It is based on mesotherapy: a cosmetic procedure that prevents and corrects the signs of skin aging. It also ensures an immediate and long-term result !

Spicules are a small slender pointed structures in the skeleton of sea sponges, corals etc.

Spicules penetrate the dermis to deposit anti-aging active ingredients. Tone and texture improve and fine lines and wrinkles fade as collagen rebuilds.

The Wrinkle Power Filling’s action is deep and lasts for a long time.

One single drop is enough for instant rejuvenation in 90 seconds!

Clinical studies have shown that daily use significantly reduces wrinkle depth after two weeks.